New ring - Zenadth Kes


  • Dhari and Star
  • Traditional Island name
  • Frigate bird totem
  • Sterling Silver

The Dhari and Star are from the flag of the people of Zenadth Kes. The Dhari is a headdress of the people of Zenadth Kes - Torres Strait. Four of the points of the star represent the Eastern, Central, Western and Port Kennedy groups. The fifth point represents those that now live on the mainland.

At the end of 2016 I made two totem rings for the same family and making them was a highlight of the year for me. The second ring is pictured above. When I initially met with customers for the first ring they told me they wanted to gift a ring to their grandson on his graduation. 

My youngest son also graduated last year and to cut a long story short this customers grandson was one of my sons friends at school and also the school captain. St Augustine`s is not far from my work and it was after school one day that my son and the grandson came to my workshop for the custom fitting of the ring. I also got to congratulate him on graduation night. Very impressive young man!

mens, symbolicDavid Taylor