Replace gem, rebuild setting and shoulders


Ceylon Blue Sapphire .74 carat
10 x .01 carat round brilliant cut diamonds
18ct yellow & white gold


I did not make this ring. It was brought to me by a longtime customer to repair after the main gem, a sapphire, had fallen out. I stopped doing repairs for all jewellery other than pieces I have created some years ago now.  The only exceptions I make are for longtime customer.

This ring is a good example of what happens when you do not have you jewellery checked every year or so.  This is a list of the work I did:

  1. source a sapphire for her approval
  2. replace the setting diamonds due to low quality and incorrect size (too small) when first made
  3. rebuild the setting reducing the height from the finger by 1mm
  4. rebuild the shoulders and set into them 6 of the old diamonds from the setting for sentimental reasons. They are old single cuts and quite yellow.


David Taylor