Classic 1 carat Solitaire


1 carat round brilliant cut diamond
Diamond colour F - clarity Si1
GIA lab certified - laser inscription
Cut, Polish & Symmetry grade - all Excellent
18ct Yellow & Palladium white gold setting
6 claw setting & knife edge band

The diamond wa an eye clean "Si1" with no flaws visible with the naked eye. At the colour grade of "F" it is in GIA`s colourless white group.

Add to that the highest grades of "Excellent" for cut, polish and symmetry this is a high quality eye clean diamond.

If your budget does not allow for a diamond of this quality and you are happy to accept a lower grade diamond please contact me to book a meeting to discuss your options. One grade lower in both or either colour and clarity reduces the value and cost of a diamond this size significantly.

solitaire, roundDavid Taylor