Our tastes are different = good thing

11th May 2018

I love the old styles of jewellery but understand others do not.  Today lets look at a ring and the very different tastes in gemstones that three people had for the same design.

The desired design

The desired design

A long time customer asked me to look at remodelling her old ring into the design to the right. I love this style of jewellery so I decided to make one of these Victorian carved trilogy rings to show her how it would look in real life and also so I could have it for stock.

The Victorian period was from 1835 to 1900 and is named after Queen Victoria. It was very common during this period to use birthstones in an engagement ring as she did.

My Ring

For my ring I used a Ceylon blue sapphire in the centre and two round brilliant cut diamonds on the sides.  I posted this to my Facebook page recently and many people liked it.

Her ring

My customer liked the design despite the diamonds in my version. She does not like white diamonds at all, she likes colour.  She decided to proceed with remaking her ring into this design.  Her old ring was delivered to me for unsetting.

The ring unset and gems ready for inspection.

The ring unset and gems ready for inspection.

As you can tell from the photo above my customer preferred colour to diamonds.  Also the centre gem, a blue sapphire, was oval in shape rather than round. The two side gems are yellow sapphires.

The design was modified to allow for these changes and she loves the result pictured below.

Someone else`s ring

When I make standard rings I often do not fully set them. I do this so that we have the option to use the same gem in another design if required. It also allows the customer to use the gem they desire in that setting.

The original ring I made is sold also, however that customer replaced the Ceylon blue sapphire with a diamond to make it an all diamond ring.  I had the diamond here and he wanted the ring the same day for a gift so I did not get time to take any photos sorry.

Just goes to show everyone is different :)