The year is flying

5th October 2018

Where has the year gone? Flat out this week and have not had time to do photos of new pieces so thought I would quickly share with you a ring I made a little while ago. A total remake for a women who has her own style with jewellery.

Discuss - What we started with.


My customer did not like this ring that she had worn for years. Our task was to convert it to a piece that was more to her tastes.

When I first meet for a job like this I always take photos of the piece to be remodelled with a ruler in view so that I can scale materials into any new design I create and give a more accurate reflection of how it will turn out.

Design - her style


This customer has been with me for many years but I did not make the original ring.

I have a pretty good understanding of what she likes and does not from making past pieces. We did a few changes to the design along the way but the process was quite short compared to normal.

A lot of the concepts in the design were formed from a desire by her for the new ring to look nice next to another ring I made for her that she loves.


The ring was remade in 18ct yellow and Palladium white gold. She loves it, exactly what she desired. The great thing about jewellery is everyones tastes are different and to be able to make such a wide variety of jewellery styles is a lot fun.

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