Discuss, design and deliver.

15th September 2017

Humans relate to the number 3 more than they do to any other number. Once you start thinking of how many times things happen in 3`s it will start to amaze you. We love to think of things in terms of a beginning, middle and end.

The trimesters of pregnancy. The three levels of education; primary, secondary and tertiary. In religion the occurrence of 3 is extensive. All humans regardless of their education or religion share the same journey of three steps; birth, life and death. As a jeweller I get to help people celebrate all three parts of that journey with the mementos I create.

My process of jewellery creation also has 3 basic steps; discuss, design and deliver.


Recently to celebrate the passing of a husband and father I made three pieces of jewellery all using diamonds created from carbon extracted from the late man`s hair. A ring for the wife, a pendant for the son and ring for the daughter. Today I will share the daughter`s ring with you.

The daughter had always loved a family heirloom room. The old ring was pretty worn out and had also been damaged when it was removed from a finger by a doctor during an emergency. 


It was decided to leave the old ring as it was and make a totally new ring based on the heirloom ring.

Like the son, the daughter had a 2 mm round yellow diamond to use in her piece of jewellery. We would place it in the centre of the design. The other 4 white diamonds were slightly larger than 2mm and were from another piece of jewellery handed down in the family.

The remains of the millgrain edge.

The remains of the millgrain edge.

When I restore/copy a design like this one I need to look at what is left in the old design to try and get an idea of it`s oringinal state. In the old ring you can see very faintly the millgraining on the outside edge.

The band had also been worn down with wear as it rubbed against a ring worn next to it at some stage. I would increase the width and thickness to give the ring as long a life as possible.

I would also do some general tidying up of the design and claw work :)  The ring was much loved but a bit messy in it`s creation.


18ct yellow and white gold were used to set these diamonds that mean so much to the family. I would like to thank this family for trusting me with these three very symbolic pieces.

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