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The jewellery that I make using Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal symbols are only available to them.  If you are not an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander I cannot supply them to you either for sale or as a prize.  For those not eligible that have entered a giveaway that involves one of these pieces I sometimes offer an alternate prize, however that this is not always possible.

I wrote this post on Facebook sometime ago about a giveaway I did for NAIDOC week 2017. For that giveaway the alternate prize was a South Sea pearl and diamond pendant. I mention only Torres Strait/Zenadth Kes pieces in the post but the same applies to Aboriginal pieces.

I was reading the comments for the NAIDOC week draw of the Zenadth Kes pendant and thought I had better clarify something for non Torres Strait Islanders that have entered and may not have read the text fully.

Most that have followed my FB page for a longtime will know this but for those that are new please read on.

The reason that there is an alternate prize for non Torres Strait Islanders is that the Zenadth Kes themed jewellery I make is only for the people of Zenadth Kes.

I am a guest in their community, the pieces are made from and for their culture. I can neither sell nor give away what is not my mine to anyone outside the community.

So whilst I am sure that the people of Zenadth Kes love it that a non Torres Strait Islander would want to wear one of these pieces, I cannot give it to you. It is not my place.

So if you win the draw and you are not a Torres Strait Islander the South Sea Pearl and diamond pendant is your prize.

It is lovely to see so many take part especially when the names of some of my customers pop up. I will do the draw tomorrow.
— https://www.facebook.com/dtmjc/posts/1736573686371571

One final condition for any of my jewellery either for sale or as a prize is that they are only available to people living in Australia.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jeffrey Aniba-Waia is a Knowledge Custodian and Choreographer of his clan group of Saibai Island. In a video about Saibai dance he briefly spoke of the connection between language, totem and identity for the people of Zenadth Kes:

Our languages are the languages of your soul. In your mother`s womb you first become a member of a clan.

In your dying days you will give or take the totems of your clan before passing.

Language is the very core that explains the identity of our people.
— Around the Campfire http://bit.ly/2vXNXvD
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