Standard design not so standard.


5th July 2017

When you go to a jewellery chain you take what they have or go somewhere else. With me you get exactly what you want. Lets look at 3 rings that are all versions of my DR849.

The standard form

DR849 is a shared prong (claw) set diamond wedding ring. It is shown on my website using twelve .02 carat diamonds. In a ring size P the diamond setting spans a little under half of the circumference of the ring and is made in white gold and the band in yellow gold.


Originally this ring design was created to sit next to a classic 6 claw solitaire, my DR817. To match that ring it too has a knife edge band.


The three variations

In the next photo you can see three rings that I have made in the last week. They are all variations of DR849.

On the right is the ring made to match DR817 with 12 diamonds and the knife edge band. 

The middle ring was created in all 18ct palladium white gold with 14 diamonds so that they go slightly further around the finger.

The third ring on the left uses 12 diamonds but rather than a knife edge band it has a slightly rounded shape to match the ring it is to be worn with.

The 3 variations

The 3 variations


What they all have in common

With this style the shared prong setting very precisely holds the diamonds. If the shape/size of the rings circumference was to change it may result in the claws losing contact with the diamonds and some becoming loose or being lost.

To avoid that all of these rings were made exactly to the required finger size.  

Shared prong rings should be made to size.

Shared prong rings should be made to size.


The sad reality in todays jewellery chain world is that they are more interested in getting the sale than they are in the heath of your ring and often resize rings they should not.