The planning pays off.

May 4th 2012

Planning for your wedding ring at the same time you make the engagement can be well worth the effort. Tiffany did this and ended up with exactly what she wanted.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be asked to make the engagement ring pictured to the right. During that design process, as I always do, I asked my customer what they had in mind for their wedding ring.

Even if the wedding is some time away it pays to allow for the wedding ring during the designing of the engagement ring. This is very much the case if a straight wedding ring is desired.

During the design process of this engagement ring I not only created digital images of the engagement ring design on its own but also images showing it with a wedding ring. Having found the desired designs for both the engagement and wedding rings I was then able to make the engagement ring in a way that would best accommodate the wedding ring in the future. With the band of the engagement ring being quite fine I would need to ensure that the base of the diamond setting was not wider. If it was then it would prevent the straight wedding ring sitting neatly along side it.

Fast forward to now and the making of the wedding ring was a straight forward process that resulted in the ring below, exactly the ring my customer was after, a straight wedding band with a triangular band shape to match the engagement ring.

I regularly get asked to make wedding rings to match engagement rings purchased elsewhere. Sometimes to achieve the desired result alterations have to be made to the engagement ring, alterations that would not have been necessary if a bit more planning had been done at the time the engagement ring was made.

So if you come to me for an engagement ring quote and I start asking about the wedding ring design you have in mind, you now know why.