Remodelling with what you have and nothing else (part 3)

November 23rd 2012

So far we have looked at a remodelling job that was successful using only old jewellery and one that we ended up cancelling and making a totally new piece. Today we look at using a bit of old and a bit of new. 

Many people have a bag of jewellery that is no longer worn for whatever reason. Kayleen came to me with such a bag with the task of making a wedding ring for her fiance.

She had a photo of a design in hand that used white and yellow gold. She had also seen the design in another jewellers but wanted the ring wider than both the photo and the ring she had seen. I gave her a quote to make the ring to the desired width using her existing gold with me adding in 9ct white gold.

With the quote accepted I did a silver draft to confirm the design from the photo and also to make sure that the ring size was correct. As you can see from the photo of the finished ring below this design is not resizable so making the ring to the correct size is vital.


I have written on this website before about the difference between hand and machine made jewellery. This design is usually machine made and I would like to thank Mick and Kayleen for being patient as I searched for the best method to create this design by hand. It was quite a challenge but very enjoyable.

Remodel, RingsDavid Taylor