Remodelling with what you have and nothing else (part 1)

November 4th 2012

I get asked to remodel a lot of jewellery. Sometimes the customer has enough materials to create that beautiful new piece of jewellery and other times they do not. If adding to or omitting materials is an option then the design part of remodelling is a whole lot easier.

The most difficult remodelling job is when I am given no options with regards to the materials I have to use, the jewellery to be recycled is it!  The reason for this request can be due to budget or more often for sentimental reasons.

In a situation like this it is very important that I understand exactly what the customer has in mind for the remodel before I suggest designs or quote.

It sometimes turns out that I have to inform them that it is not possible to create the new piece of jewellery they desire from the jewellery they have.  I would rather decline a job than get paid to make a piece of jewellery that I am sure will fall short of the customers expectations. 

Today I want to share with you a remodelling job that worked out using only the old jewellery the customer had. Margaret came to me with several rings and a bracelet that she wanted to make into a new ring.

She wanted a wider ring with the gemstones suspended in it like a spiders web. We had a enough gold and certainly enough if not too many gemstones. I set about creating a layout for the gems.


The design was simple but it was not until after much trial and error we came up with a layout for our spider`s web of gems that Margaret was happy with (pictured above). Next I did a silver draft for Margaret so she could see how the ring would sit on her finger.

Pictured below is the finished ring made in 18ct yellow and white gold, featuring four marquise cut Australian blue sapphires with an assortment of round diamonds surrounding.  The next time I post to the website I will share with you the very different story of another "Remodelling with what you have and nothing else (part 2)" request.

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