Putting pen to paper.

June 23rd 2013

Often the first step towards a new piece of jewellery is sketching out the design. In part two of a customers remodel job I will run you through the sketches that were created in the search for a new ring design to turn some very sentimantal old pieces of jewellery into.

As mentioned in the previous post my customer came to me hoping to turn some sentimental jewellery that was not being worn into a new ring that she could wear everyday. The large gem was used in the Boab Tree pendant featured in the last post so now we will look at the ring the other gems were used in.

The ring needed to be a low profile design that would not catch on things during her busy lifestyle. We played around with several concepts but this sketch was the one that she liked the most that suited the gems we had to work with.


At this stage the customer suggested adding bars to both sides of the ring to make it a more substantial piece of jewellery, more of a dress ring. After some more sketches the final design was created and approved.


With the sketches all finalised I then went in and scaled up the design ready to manufacture. The finished piece below was made using my customers existing gems and recycled gold. Those old pieces of jewellery have gone from being left in the cupboard to a ring that will now be worn everyday.

Design, RingsDavid Taylor