Family and Christmas

December 22nd 2012

Regardless of religious belief family is a huge part of the Christmas holidays and it is only fitting that the last design I share with you for 2012 is based on the link between a mother and her children.

This family theme bracelet was commissioned by a husband as a gift for his wife. There are four large circles, one for each of their children. Each of the circles are engraved with a different child's name, date/time of birth and weight.

For this family of four children I mirrored the engraving on both sides of the circles, however for larger families I can engrave different details on the opposite sides of the circles. The bracelet can also be made initially with one circle and others added as required.

This bracelet was made in 9ct yellow gold but other alloys are possible such as white and rose gold in varying purities such as 14 and 18ct. Combinations of the gold colours are also possible. The details on the circles and font can also be varied to your tastes. The options are pretty endless with this design.

My wife Yumi and myself would like to thank all of our customers for their support during 2012 and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013.

BraceletDavid Taylor