A tree change

June 21st 2011

I get commissioned to make some very exciting and interesting pieces of jewellery. For this pendant I was given the instructions to come up with a design that would symbolise a couples move from the City to the Daintree.

The design that was chosen was a frog on a Hare`s foot fern fond. Say that 10 times quickly if you can! 

In the digital mock up of the design I scaled in an image of a frog that I had previously made. The customer asked for the pendant to be 32ml in length and made from 18ct yellow and white golds. Next we had to decide on a size and a matching chain so I digitally edited the photo of the design to show some options of chains that I could supply. In the end an 18ct yellow gold belcher link chain was decided upon and I was now able to submit a quote.

Making unique pieces of jewellery like this is what I love doing the most.  If you have something that you think you would like to create please call me to arrange a time to meet and discuss your next piece of jewellery. All quotes are free and often less than customers expect.

PendantDavid Taylor