Planning ahead

October 21st 2010

This ring has just been delivered to Townsville customers. The diamond was carefully selected and every aspect of the design confirmed before I made the engagement ring.

After discussing designs with them they next selected an F colour, Vs1 clarity princess cut diamond for the centre stone.

The centre diamond is 1.36 carats in weight, GIA laboratory certified and has the number of the certificate laser inscribed on the girdle.

The two side princess cut diamonds are of matching quality, as are the six round brilliant cut diamonds that are channel set into the band and grain set into the side.

The customer had very specific instructions for the height of the centre diamond.

To ensure that the height was just right I made several silver drafts that allowed her to try them on her finger before we made the actual ring.

It was during this process of getting the height just right that I suggested adding grain set diamonds to the side. Using digital images I was able to show her the side profile of the ring with and without the diamonds. 

I also consulted with the customer regarding the design she had in mind for her wedding ring. This ring was then created in a way that will allow her wedding ring to sit perfectly next to it.

The end result is a ring just as the customer desired that will allow her desired wedding ring design to sit next to it perfectly when the time comes.

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