One of my first customers

December 4th 2010

I am very fortunate that many of my customers are repeat ones and even more so that they have become good friends. Of late as my wife has been ill and time becomes even more limited for myself I am so grateful to all my customers for their understanding and tolerance with the situation.

When I made the transition from wholesale jewellery manufacture to dealing with the public directly, Darlene was one of my first customers. Over the last month I have been been working with Darlene to create the ring pictured below.

Darlene came to me on this occasion with a design that she had seen and liked. However the centre stone of the ring she had seen was a princess cut(square) and she wanted a round one. On the computer I digitally recreated the design using a round stone in place of the princess.

She was thrilled with the result and from there I made up a silver draft using cubic zirconias. Whilst the centre cubic zirconia was not exactly the size of the diamond Darlene had selected it served the purpose of giving her a very good idea of how the ring would turn out.

I then sent the draft down to Darlene in Bundaberg. This enabled her to check the size of the ring on here finger, how the ring sat and general overall feel. At this stage we could now discuss any changes needed to be made before making the actual ring.

Darlene told me that she was considering having the band part of the ring in yellow gold and the head in white gold. I edited a photo of the draft ring to show her the effect this would have on the ring and she decided to do the band in yellow gold.

The finished ring has a total diamond weight of 1.42 carats. The centre diamond is a G colour, Vs1 clarity, GIA graded and laser inscribed diamond. The ring was created using 18ct yellow gold and 18ct palladium white gold.

All of the additional side diamonds are of the same grade and grain set with the addition of mill graining as a decorative feature.

To all my customers I would like to thank them for their continued support and especially those for whom I have been making jewellery for over the past few months such as Darlene and George. Your patience and understanding with the situation is truly appreciated by myself and my wife.

This will probably be the last update to the website for the year so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and that 2011 is everything you wish it to be.

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