Man vs Machine

October 2nd 2011

There is something about a hand made piece of jewellery that a machine cannot compete with. The challenge of hand making an often machine made design is something I encounter frequently and enjoy.

Much of the jewellery presently produced in the industry is machine made. I often get asked to quote on hand making a design that has been machine made but some of these designs are more easily hand made than others if not impossible. 

The ring pictured here is a 14ct gold men`s tri-colour platted wedding ring. The white, yellow and rose gold plat is bordered by white gold twisted wire and then enclosed in a yellow gold band.

When I was originally presented with the photo of the desired design and asked to reproduce it I was unsure if I could reproduce it exactly. As it turned out I was not but I was certain that I could create something similar and made a silver draft to present to the customer with my quote.

As you will have already guessed my customer approved the draft and quote. Hand making jewellery is unfortunately a dying art and I am very grateful for the opportunities that my customers give me to continue my trade and constantly be challenged by the pieces I create.

Wedding, InfoDavid Taylor