The Gem Cutter and the Jeweller

April 2nd 2017

Gem cutters and jewellers have a lot in common. They take a raw form and shape it into an object of beauty. Often it is more about the joy of creation than money.

Sadly both are a dying breed here in Australia due to expectations brought about by cheap imports of finished mass produced goods. This pendant is an example of what can happen when the jeweller and gem cutter still manage to get together in Australia.

Whilst Topaz is not a very expensive gem one this size and so clean is special. Add to that fact that the cutter of the gem is the owner and recipient of the pendant it will be set into is his partner, it becomes even more special.

This not being the first time I have worked with this gem cutter he provided a sketch of what he had in mind to get me started. Other than some small changes with scale I quickly laid out the design in top view.

With a gem of this size, about 20 carats, it had a depth of approximately 1cm. The gallery of the pendant would need to have some thought given to it to both reduce weight in the gold used and also for aesthetics.

We tried quite a few variations but in the end decided to reuse the half infinity loop of the top view again in the side.

The final step was as usual for me to bring the concept into reality.  The pendant was made in 9ct Palladium white gold and the finished weight excluding the gem was 6 grams. Amethyst were used in the bail of the pendant which is worn on a 40cm long 3mm neoprene necklace.