The rebirth of an Engagement ring

September 16th 2012


Joanne over the years had received quite a bit of jewellery since she was married, jewellery that she no longer wore. She brought that jewellery into me and I took notes on the weight of the gold and measurements of the gemstones.

Now knowing what I had to work with I next went through some designs to see what Joanne wanted her new ring to look like. She selected a design and I then edited the graphic to show what it would look like using her gemstones.

We chose to use one of the larger diamonds from a pendant she had to replace the smaller diamond in her original Engagement ring. The original diamond from the engagement ring was used as the centre diamond for the wedding ring.

In Joanne`s case she had more diamonds and gold than we needed and the unused were returned to her for another project later on down the road. If she had not had all the required materials then I would have quoted to supply her with what was needed.

The finished rings are pictures below. Both the wedding and engagement rings were made in 18 carat golds. A comfort edge was added to the inside of the rings to make them more comfortable to wear and easier to remove but to still fit firmly on the finger.

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