I really want to make that!

November 27th 2013

Every now and then I get asked to make a piece of jewellery that I really just can`t wait to make. This is one of them. The design might not be everyones cup of tea but for a jeweller who likes to push himself this was wonderful to make.

I was intitally presented with a computer generated image of a design from one of the many websites out there. That online jeweller only offered the ring in all white gold and my customer desired the ring to be made in an 18ct yellow gold base with white gold features. This change to the design in my opinion made it look so much better, it also made the making of the ring that much more difficult!

The customer wanted the height of the main diamond lower than the original. The diamond that fell into her budget was also slightly smaller than the one shown on the website and her finger size slightly larger than that shown. It was important for her to view the design reflecting those two facts before we proceeded. The image I created for her is shown below on the right.

Before I made the actual ring I did up a silver draft of the band to confirm the size and band shape (shown above left). With that approved I then created some graphics to address the side profile.

Next we started making the actual ring. Shown below is the finished ring made in 18ct yellow and white gold alloys with the centre diamond being a .80ct carat round brilliant cut diamond.

Engagement, DesignDavid Taylor