Ta Moko - Maori Tattoo

December 17th 2014

Body art is extremely popular and one of the most frequently used styles is that of Maori Tattoo. Recently I made two rings that use symbols from Maori tattoo. Today lets have a look at the first.

My customer for this ring was from the west coast region of the north island of New Zealand known as Taranaki. From about the 13th century this area became home to a number of Maori tribes. Taranaki is home to Mount Taranaki, the second highest on the North Island.

From the early 1800`s Maori from this region came in contact with European whalers who began to arrive in the area. The ring design features a whale tooth pattern on each side of the ring. The centre pattern is that of the mackerel tail, a symbol representative of the Taranaki region and also of prosperity.

The ring was made in 9ct rose gold. To give the ring an earthly and aged feel it was finished with a raw/rough surface and then oxidised. 

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