The sentimental and the symbolic

July 3rd 2009

The two types of jewellery I enjoy working on the most are sentimental and symbolic pieces. Mark from Edmonton commissioned me to make a mens ring in 14 carat yellow gold that falls into the latter category.

As well as wanting his favourite gemstone Amethyst used in the ring he also desired some symbolic shapes to be incorporated in the design. One of the key features of the design is a gold pin that passes through the centre of the Amethyst and touches the finger whilst the ring is being worn.

This month has seen enquiries come in from Perth, Mackay, Weipa and Adelaide as well as jobs being sent out to customers in as many varied locations. I would like to welcome those new customers and also to thank those current ones. It is a thrill to be able to make jewellery for people all over the country.

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