The exact ring she wants...

August 20th 2009

To take the place of the ring at the proposal he got me to make the 9ct rose gold locket which is pictured to the right. The locket has a filigree front and is approximately 2.5cms wide. In it he placed a photo of him with his fiancee to be and proposed to her.

Carmon accepted Brad`s proposal and they both came in to discuss the design that she wanted. This was a great opportunity to get not only the design right for Carmon but also for her to get the exact diamond she wanted.

Carmon had a general knowledge of diamonds so I explained to her some of the finer details. She then selected the colour, clarity and cut she wanted. Having the design already selected I knew the size of the diamond we required and consulted Brad regarding the price to make the ring and his budget. With that all okay we went ahead and made the ring.

You may have already noticed that the rings gold looks distinctively red in colour and that is because, just like the locket, it is custom made in Carmon`s favourite colour, rose gold.