The cart before the horse.

January 30th 2011

Usually when I get asked to make wedding rings I don`t think I will be making an engagement ring to match. However, as you will read later, Amber did ask me to remake the engagement ring that she had purchased elsewhere so that it matched her new wedding ring better.

When Amber purchased her engagement ring from one of the Jewellery chains she also purchased her wedding ring as part of a set.

She had been engaged for a while now and decided that she wanted to join the two rings together to form her engagement ring and make a third ring to be used as her actual wedding ring.

We did this and Amber was very happy with the new wedding ring but now noticed more than ever the illusion setting of the rings she had purchased from the jewellery chain.

As you look at Ambers rings you will notice that every second grain set diamond in the band of the rings purchased from the jewellery chain is not actually a diamond. It is gold cut in the shape of a diamond that has been rhodium plated.

Amber really liked the overall design of her rings but the illusion setting had started to annoy her when she looked at them next to her new wedding ring full of actual diamonds.

She asked me if it was possible to remake the two original rings as one that matched her new wedding ring and at the same time remove the illusion setting and fill them up with diamonds. She also asked me to show her what the ring would look like with a bigger diamond in the centre.

Happy with the look of the graphic and the quote, Amber gave me the go ahead to remake her rings to match her new wedding ring. We had now made a new wedding ring, remade the two existing rings into one and at the same time upgraded the centre diamond and filled in the band with more.

The journey with Amber`s rings highlights the flexibility and benefits of dealing directly with the jeweller that is actually going to do the work on your rings.

Wedding, RemodelDavid Taylor