Restoring Jewellery

May 24th 2010

An Ingham customer asked me to restore his late Father`s ring. Much of the engraving on the ring had worn away and the band had become so thin that it had broken.

Back in the early 1900`s Rose Gold became very popular. It is not surprising that some cufflinks made in the same period were also made in Rose Gold.

With the ring repaired I was able to return the rose gold ring to the customer ready to be worn for another lifetime.

With these cufflinks below, Lyn in Adelaide asked me to replace the bars on one pair and the chains on both pairs. They belonged to her late Grand Father.

Given that the engraving was the most important feature of the design, to avoid any further wear, the front of the cufflinks were only lightly re-polished.

Lyn is now able to pass the cufflinks onto her sons to be worn by another generation of men in her family.