Levels of customisation

September 5th 2010

Specialising in making custom jewellery I often get asked to make designs that cannot be purchased off the shelf at one of the jewellery chains.

Sometimes those custom features are slight, like making a ring in awider band width than a customer has seen elsewhere, or a necklace to an unusual length. Then there are other times when the details are truly unique to that piece of jewellery.

Rowan`s ring is one such design. He gave me three themes to incorporate into the ring and once we came up with a graphic we set to making the actual ring in gold.

At the same time as I made Rowan`s ring I also had the pleasure of making his wife Darriene`s ring which I hope to display on the site in the future.

Dealing with Rowan and Darriene was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had as a jeweller. Thanks again to both of you!

Wedding, Rings, Design, MensDavid Taylor