Quoting from a photo - a ring for the Tablelands

September 29th 2009

A customer on the Tablelands came to me recently to see if I could make a design he had seen elsewhere. I was able to make it and provided him with a quote which he accepted.

If you have seen a ring elsewhere and can either describe it or send me a photo, I can quickly let you know if I can make that design. I will also be able to give you the option to customise the ring to exactly how you want it.

In the case of this ring, the original ring my customer had seen was 7ml wide, but after trying on some drafts, he decided to have it made 8ml wide.

Next time I post I will have another design that created out of a customers desire to recycle some gold and diamonds that had sentimental value. As well as the sentimental aspect of recycling the gold the customer also saved some money.

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