A new ring goes from the East to the West

July 28th 2009

Katrina in Pilborough, WA sent me photos via email of some rings that she no longer wears and asked me to design a new ring using them. To find out what Katrina liked and did not like, I posted a gallery of designs online for her to comment on.

Using her comments on those designs and estimates of her stone sizes, I was then able to mash up photos of designs for her to view. Once Katrina saw one that she liked I was then able to quote to make the ring.

The important point at this stage is that this was a design that Katrina was excited to have made and wear. The reality however, was that this design would not use all the diamonds she had, and would require some additional new round diamonds.

As you already know, Katrina was happy with the quote and decided to make the ring. The diamonds and gold that were not used in the new ring I returned to her to be used for another piece at a later date.

Thank-you Katrina and Max, it was a pleasure to deal with you both.

Remodel, RingsDavid Taylor