The home stretch for 2017


15th December 2017

The next week will be spent finishing of pieces that have a Christmas deadline. This ring was one I finished today for a family that are long time customers.


Design start

Design start

One of the wonderful things about having longtime customers is that you get to mark milestones in their lives with them. I was asked by a mother to make a ring for her daughter to mark a very important upcoming birthday. I would also be allowed to do the whole design process with the daughter. The mother wanted the ring to be exactly what the daughter wanted rather than a total surprise.

The ring was to be a dress ring, made in white gold and featuring her birthstone which is Garnet.  We searched through some photos and found a design she liked and we could use a starting point.


Based on that photo I was able to provide a quote for the ring. With the quote approved my next task was to start recreating the design making changes as guided by the customer. We bounced back and fourth changes to the design via email.  This gallery shows some of the steps.



With the draft approved the final stage was to create the ring in 9ct Palladium white gold. The main gemstone is a 9 x 7 mm oval cut Mozambique Garnet. Of all the Garnets this was the shade of red she preferred.  The total weight of the diamonds set in the ring is .38 carats.

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