A trilogy of trilogy rings.


1st December 2017

Now and then I get a period in time when a lot of customers have the same first names. At times I also find myself making very similar styles of jewellery. Today I want to share with you 3 trilogy rings that I made last month. A trilogy ring is one that features 3 gemstones as the main feature of the design.

Ring 1 : Remake of a ring I made

The original two tone ring

The original two tone ring

This ring I made about a decade ago. At the time it was very important to the customer that the engagement ring be as low as possible.  This caused problems as we planned for the wedding and eternity rings wearing next to it.

We could and did plan for the wedding rings at the height she wanted but if I could go back in time I would say no to the height requested. Simply because they cut into each other too much as the rings rubbed around, up and down against each other. The main diamond setting needed a bit more clearance.

Fast forward to now and my customer decided to convert her rings to all white gold. I took this opportunity to propose raising the height of her engagement ring main diamond to suit the wedding and eternity rings better.

She was concerned about changing the design too much so I created some images of the proposed changes for her approval. The top view would stay pretty much unchanged so it was the side view that we needed to look at.

From left to right: the silver draft of her original ring, a digital recreation of it and then the proposed changes.

From left to right: the silver draft of her original ring, a digital recreation of it and then the proposed changes.

After seeing these images I was given the approval to remake the rings with the height changes. The remade ring is shown below with the wedding ring.

Ring 2: A remodel for a wedding

For a long time I have been writing about the advantages of planning for your wedding ring when you buy or have your engagement ring made.  This customer had purchased her engagement ring elsewhere and came to me to have a matching wedding ring made.

We failed to come up with anything that truly inspired her so I put to her the option of remaking her ring and a wedding ring to match at the same time. In the end she took that option of remaking. The design she chose is simple and elegant, I like this very much.

The tapered baguettes I supplied for the new ring. The only item we used from the old ring was the main diamond. At some stage we plan to set another gem into the old ring to reuse it.

Ring 3: One of my rings

This third ring is a new ring I made. It features a 1 carat round brilliant cut main diamond with pear cut diamonds on the shoulders. As with the previous ring a knife edge profile for the band and trellis design have been used.