Waru, Dhari & Star pendant - Palladium Sterling Silver


Palladium Sterling Silver
Dhari & Star in 9ct yellow gold
approximately 4.4 grams
2.1cm in length
1.8cm in width
Free fully insured Express Post for out of Cairns (Australia only)

$135 - out of stock

Palladium Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is an alloy that contains 92.5% pure silver. Usually copper makes up the other 7.25% to form the Sterling Silver. This copper is what usually causes Sterling Silver to tarnish.

Whilst a small amount of copper is still present the addition of Palladium in place of the Copper reduces the tendency of the Sterling Silver alloy to tarnish.  Palladium in an expensive precious metal that is more commonly used in white gold alloys.


Free fully insured Express post is offered to all my out of Cairns customers as a thank you for their support. Please note I do not post or sell to outside of Australia.


I also include a Sterling silver chain free of charge so that the pendant can be worn if you do not already have a chain.   I did not make the chain and it is not Palladium Sterling Silver.

The chain is also indicative of the finest/lightest that I would suggest be worn with a pendant this size and weight.

I recommend that you purchase a chain locally so that if you ever break it you can return it to the seller for repairs easily.

David Taylor