Milla Milla


Zillie Falls

When I think of the Tablelands town of Millaa Millaa I think of fog and waterfalls. If you love waterfalls then this area is heaven. When I visit a place like this I like to stop and enjoy the beauty.

The ray of light falling into Zillie falls through the clouds was not there when we arrived. It appeared during our visit of an hour or so for just a few minutes.

I was fascinated by how many people walked to the lookout, took the photo to say they had been there and then left. I do not get it, why not just look at a photo on the web?

Ellinjaa Falls

On this day I went with my wife and the carpark at Millaa Millaa Falls was so crowded we did not even stop and headed straight to Zillie and Ellinjaa Falls.

My only adivce is if you do not like crowds and also like to take your time and enjoy the view you drove hours to see, then try and get away from the major falls and explore some of the lesser known ones. In my opinion they are often just as beautiful and you get some peace and quiet.

Main street of Milla Millaa 8am 06/07/2019

Millaa Millaa is famous for fog. If you are driving there and fog is about make sure you turn your headlights on. As you can see from above it is a quiet little town…..unlike the popular surrounding major waterfalls :)

Signage at the end of the main street.

I took this photo of a statue at the end of the main street back in March 2019 during another another visit with no fog. I am up the Tablelands pretty much every month.

One side of the main street features the above statue, gardens, a playground, public toilets and a picnic area. It is a lovely place to take a break.

One of the dirt side roads as you head towards the Misty Mountains from Millaa Millaa.

As I mentioned before there is a lot to see in this area but you will have to get off the main track to get some peace and quiet from the everyday tourist. The reward will be that you will have some very beautiful parts of the world virtually to yourself.

David Taylor