Going bush - Japan, Kagoshima ken, Sendai shi


11th June 2019

New growth forest

My wife and Mother in law left me home alone one day during my visit and I got bored. Time to go for a walk! The photo above is the entrance to my destination and the one below the pathway to the same.

The rice fields are starting to be planted.

Directly behind the family house are rice fields. A road winds through them up to the hills. I would often walk with my children here when we lived in Japan. Sadly many of the locals that I would run into 17 years ago have since passed away.

Crows are a common sight and sound in Japan.

As you walk along the path you will hear the birdlife and the all too familiar sound of crows as they talk to each other and fight with other birdlife.

On this day I ran into a Grey Heron that flew from rice field to rice field trying to avoid me as I walked along the path up to the forest.

A scare crow.

At pretty much the last farm house before the forest there was a crow hanging in the vegetable patch. My wife tells me this is done not to frighten crows away but other birds.

As you enter the forest there appears to be a lot of planted pines that were in the past logged for local use. I stayed in the forest all afternoon waiting for the sun to drop and for light to start to poke in under gaps in the canopy.

Looking back at the pines as I walked deeper into forest.

I found a little creek bed that I walked along for quite a while deeper into the forest. I had no tripod so was limited in the photos I could take hand held in the low light but I had a wonderful time.

It is a beautiful spot to get away from the fast pace of even rural Japan. I have more photos of my walk in the forest that I will upload later but below are two more.

David Taylor