Barron Gorge

Chasing a sunset

Sunset 11th May 2019

Since the middle of April and for most of May, Barron Gorge and the surroundung area have been my go to spot to relax and take some photos.

I have been chasing one of those magic Cairns sunsets to show itself in the Gorge. It was about 3 weeks of attempts before I got the above photo of a sunset after burn. That colour lasted for less than 5 minutes.

Barron Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station

A section of the Water fall at Barron Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station.

If you drive from Lake Placid all the way up the road along the river you end up at the Barron Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station. From there you get a nice view of a very long waterfall, of which a small section is shown in the photo above.

Down to the River

A warning sign at the top of the path down to the river.

Back down the road there are numerous places where you can stop and walk down to the river. Pathways are pretty much no existent and be prepared to be very careful if the moss cover rocks have had any recent rain as they will be very slippery.

A section of the path along the bank of the river.

For most of my visits it has been overcast or rainy however when I did get fine weather the walks along the banks of the river in the shade were lovely.

Down at the riverside.

With all the rain we have been having the river is in full flow. This was one of the sunnier days I visited. Usually I have the place to myself but late afternoon the river gets a bit busier.


Some of the best views of the Gorge are from right out on the rocks at the edge of the river or even in the middle of the river If I can hop out across rocks. This also gives me a very good view of kayakers as they come down the river.

I usually get a look from the kayakers when they first see me on the rocks. I guess they are used to having the river to themselves as well.


When the rafters come down the river you usually hear them from afar. Looks like a lot of fun. This group were with the Foaming Fury rafting tour.

Back to the views

A rock pool between the trees and the river.

As you walk along the river you will come across some very pretty rock pools. I am sure they dry out once the wet stops and these views will vanish.

You can clearly see how much the water level has dropped since the peak of the big rain we had at the start of 2019.

The walk along the bank is amongst some very thick vegetation. The further you get away from some of the more popular viewing areas the thicker it gets.

The rocky river bank

As you walk along the river bank you will be hopping over rocks like the ones above. It started to rain this day as it did on most of my visits. Once those rocks become wet they are very slippery so take your time.

The view down Barron River back towards the ocean.

Whilst the sun was out this day I took the opportunity to grab a photo back down the river towards the sea. It is a beautifull place to watch the setting sun and then the appearance of the moon.

I was waiting for one of those colourful sunsets that never happened this day. In the end I was just as happy to stick around a little longer into the blue hour for this photo taken pretty much in the dark.

Over time as I take other photos from my trips here I will place them in the gallery below.

David Taylor