Mobo Creek Crater - Danbulla National Park


23rd March 2019

Mobo Creek in full flow.

With all the rain we have had the creek is in full flow.  The path to the Creek is very good and one that most people could handle.

The pathway to the creek.

The track is pretty flat and you are in forrest for the whole walk.  I cannot remember exactly how long it took me to get to the Creek but from memory I think about 10 minutes but it might have been shorter.

The track is too wet to cross at the moment for me.

The track leads straight into the creek and continues over to the other side. With the water flowing strongly and the rocks very slippery I would not try to cross the creek at the moment.

A little bit further down from the creek crossing it flows into a crater. The crater is pond full of muddy water at the moment. I sat there for a while trying to spot a platypus but I had no luck.  Maybe next time.

David Taylor