Barron Falls - Kuranda

14th April 2019

It is still raining! Clouds passing in front of the falls on an overcast day.

The good thing about an overcast day is that it is great for taking photos of waterfalls. Not so long ago the water was raging over Barron Falls but when we visited the water flow gave this lovely view.

There was a little bit of rain but it was not long before we got a short break and even a little sun that allowed for some photos.

Photo during a little bit of sun.

The falls are overwhelming but when you look at small sections in isolation I find them even more beautiful. My wife pointed out the green haired Rock monster in the falls.

The green haired rock monster.

We took these photos from the platform adjacent to the railway station. Along the walk way down from the parking lot to the station they have some little information and viewing booths decorated with metal sculptures.

David Taylor